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You see them all over the place, from luxury hotels to private homes. These modern feather products are hygienic, comfortable, and some are even hypoallergenic. Feather beds come in a wide variety of sizes, and some even have a luxurious down top layer. While you will need to wait a week or two for a custom built feather bed, most ready made feather beds will ship in one or two days.

Time for warm comforters
When the weather turns cool, it is time for the kids to go back to school. When that time comes, it is also time to get the warm comforter sets out again. You can further add to the warmth and welcoming ambiance of the bed by adding flannel bed linens, quilts and stadium blankets. As is the case with all bed linens and comforter sets, these sheets and other additions come in all sizes to fit the rollaway bed that you are dressing. It is likely that you have a king or queen size bed while your kids sleep in twin or double beds or in loft beds in a dorm.

A twin comforter will be just the right size for the kids, whether at home or away at school. You will find flannel bed linens available in several colors and patterns and prints. Because flannel sheets provide the right amount of warmth and softness right next to your body, they are great for both young and old alike. Often the loft guest beds or bunk beds in dorms are extra long. You should be able to find comforters to accommodate these beds in stores or online.

Today you can find fleece products in many colors.
You can have matching winter gloves and hats all made from fleece material. Better yet, you can create custom fleece blankets with your name embroidered onto the blanket. There are so many uses for fleece that some pet owners have made blankets, coats and beds for their animals. Fleece makes wonderful coats for dogs since they are perfect for keeping your best friend warm in the cold outdoors.

Bunk Beds in Style
Bunk beds are available in so many different styles and options. You never have just one or two types of bunk beds to choose from when shopping for one, even the smallest store has several types to offer. With so many types to choose from you should have no problem finding the bunk bed that fits your style and needs. You can choose traditional styling or go with a rustic style of wooden bed. You can also choose from single twin style bunks to larger bunks with double size mattresses on the bottom and the twin on the top.

Information about beds and mattresses
A mattress can trap dust particles, which then get into pillows and sheets. When feathers and dust combine in a pillow, they can cause an allergic reaction, typically indicated by excessive sneezing. To prevent an allergic reaction, use a waterproof mattress pad to repel dust and other allergens. You should also replace feather pillows regularly or use only synthetic pillows. For detailed information about specific beds and mattresses review the manufacturers literature.

When buying loft beds buy the one that has a ladder big enough for your children to climb safely. When you do decide to buy a loft bed, make sure to consider the height of your room. A loft bed that is too tall won’t allow for any head room.

Mattresses today
In the 2000s, the mattress-making future looks brilliant. With the technology available to us today, the bed can become a vital part of the human body. You can buy iron beds with built-in computers, TVs, videogames, trays, adjustable inclinations, and “memory foam” that conforms to the shape of your body and tends to your orthopedic needs. A top luxury choice is the pillow top mattress with an extra layer of soft cushioning.

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